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Subset of a wild-type P6 retinal plexus used to reconstruct one of our retinal blood flow models, namely P6A model. The original microscope image is segmented and the network skeleton and segment radii are computed. Based on these values, a three-dimensional volume is reconstructed assuming vessels of piecewise constant radius. (a) Original image. (b) Segmented image. (c) Reconstructed surface. Reproduced from [Bernabeu et al., Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2014].


Rayleigh-Bénard natural heat convection between cold and hot plates, using additional lattice for heat flows and Boussinesq approximation to couple temperature and fluid flow. Temperature indicated by colour field, fluid flow by velocity streamlines. Included as a demo with DL_MESO.


Microfluidic microdroplet technologies: The videos show how thermocapillary force induced by focused laser light can affect droplet motion.

Multiphase flows in porous media: The video shows the CO2 injection process.

Couette (linear shearing) flow applied to a fluid containing an initially stationary immiscible fluid droplet, simulated using Lishchuk continuum-based fluid-fluid interactions. Boundary of droplet indicated by white contour line, fluid density by colour field. Included as a demo with DL_MESO.

Pressure-driven flow past a stationary cylinder in a channel, producing von Kármán vortex shedding. Animation depicts velocity streamlines of flow (magnitude given by colour field), with channel walls and cylinder boundary indicated by white contour lines. Included as a demo with DL_MESO.